Make a “Chickie” Chicken Wire Organizer for your Dorm Room


Okay, the great thing about this room organizer….is that you can customize it any way you want. Another great thing is that you can get the wooden frame from the DI for just a few bucks.

Take out the glass, wrap the chicken wire around the frame and power staple.

Chicken wire can be found at home improvement stores, or your neighbor’s yard if you live in Weber County like I do (just make sure you don’t let any chickens out)!

Then attach a few laundry clips, stray “S” curves etc and there you have it. I raided my junk drawer and found a few mini buckets from showers and such, glued them to the clothes pins and they made nifty little thingies.

Oh! Don’t forget! Spray paint the entire creation to your liking.  Any day you get to spray paint is a great day!


Make your Laundry Room “Ba-zing!”


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I have a tiny little space for a laundry room. It really was a passage way to just dump things on the washer or on the floor.  My house was completely white when I moved in and I was determined to change that one room at a time! I mean, really! Who can exist in a completely white house? Especially with three black pets!

Details: I used buckets from Pottery Barn to hold the items, used Spic and Span scrubs to decorate along with the extra buttons jar. The buckets are extra great for stain removers and dryer sheets.

Wall Hanging: I had an idea about a sign that would incorporate a pillowcase and everyday closet hanger.  You can find the pdf here for a closer look: Pillowcase Hanging.

——I made this in Adobe Illustrator, but wordpress won’t let me attach it.

——To create your own: print on iron-able screen printing translucent paper.  I used the font “Zapfino”.  You can use various programs like word, powerpoint, etc. Be sure to flip the image so that it does not print out backwards!!

Making your room fun does wonders when it is time to do the work!

Easy, Cheery Ornaments for all Seasons!


These ornaments are not just for Christmas! I put a wire basket out in the fall with Thanksgiving colors and they are eyecatching and fun. Kids can play with them and they won’t shatter like nearly every thing else.

I have the easy step by step instructions here: Easy Paper Ornaments. Grab onto those basic shiny string beads when you see them in the store, so you can make your ornaments in advance.  Also, don’t just stick to traditional colors when you make these for a holiday.  I did a pink christmas display. Fortunately the Valentine’s stuff was hitting the stores in December and I snagged the pink string beads!

These are also great for homemaking meeting type craft projects. I’ve hosted them at one such event and it was a big hit. They are perfect to use up your fun scrapbook paper and you can put these together with sticky glue -or- a hot glue gun for us power users!

Vintage French Stripe Hot Water Bottle


Just what the doctor ordered! This bottle is perfect for your home, or to give as a gift. I have the instructions here: Pattern and the best part is you can purchase a bottle from your local pharmacy, or you can get them ultra cheap from

Of course, I have them to buy on my etsy site (handmade at daybreak), but you can make your own very easily.  The fabric is also pretty cheap and found at Joann’s stores in the more industrial fabrics.